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Double the Gem fun when you mix and match our 1 gallon gem gravel bags.  You’ll be able to choose 2 bags for 2 different experiences of mining.  Start with one of our Rock Creek Sapphire Treasure bags.  Then you get to choose your other fun option! A Gravel bag, geode pack or Gems to Jewelry kit.  A fun mining experience with a little discount on  the combo!

Your options are:

Tunduru River Rainbow Bag  This also has our natural sapphire as a base but then you’ll find multiple gems that all hail from a single river in Africa.  5 different gemstones but they all come in various colors, so you really never know what to expect!

Gems to Jewelry Kit  a small bag of African gem gravel along with a glass locket and tools to sort your gems.

3 Geode Variety Pack Geodes from 3 different locations.  Crack them open and see the treasures inside.

Treasure Bag - Treasure fun bag is guaranteed to bring you success when sapphire hunting! About a half gallon of natural Montana sapphire gravel enhanced with heat-treated Rock Creek sapphires in Philipsburg, Montana.  Gorgeous colors ranging from yellows to the deep Montana blue.

Just A Little Krazy- This gem krazy bag contains a gallon of gravel filled with diverse crystals and fossils, perfect for sparking curiosity and igniting your imagination.

Take your pick and get ready for some fun!!  Check out our selection of gravel for sale!

Sorry, No Guarantees or Refunds on Washed Gravel.